Mobile Broadband: Keeping Up With The Consumption

State of the Net Wireless 2016- Panel

The introduction of the iPhone less than a decade ago spurred an astounding wave of innovation in mobile devices. It also spurred a desperate quest to find wireless bandwidth to satisfy exponential increases in bandwidth consumption. Industry, civil society groups, engineers, Congress, the Administration and the FCC worked desperately to find creative solutions to not only freeing up more spectrum but to using it more innovatively. That hard work may be starting to pay off. However, many feel that Europe and Asia are poised to make significant leaps ahead of where the US mobile broadband marketplace is. Our panel will explore look at where the current mobile broadband market is, where it is expected to be in 10 years and whether other countries are outpacing us. Our panel will discuss what these developments mean for consumers, businesses and government agencies in the coming months and years.


173 michael calabrese

Michael Calabrese, Director, Wireless Future Project, New America Foundation


Edgar Figueroa, President and Chief Executive Officer, Wi-Fi Alliance


Dominique Lazanski​, Public Policy Director, GSMA

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