ief-logo-letters-only-monoFor close to 20 years the Internet Education Foundation (IEF) has been building the most prominent platforms for engagement. IEF is a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supported by public interest groups, corporations, and associations representative of the diversity of the Internet community. IEF does not take any positions on legislation and strives to provide a balanced platform for debate. The State of the Net Conference is just one of our many projects:

Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory CommitteeThe Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee is the most prominent and industrious educational program on Capitol Hill for Internet policy. Its mission is to harness the collective policy expertise of Internet stakeholders — public interest groups, trade associations, non-profits, and Internet companies. It’s a neutral platform where thought leaders debate important technology issues that shape legislative and administration policy in an open forum.

State of the Net Conference SeriesThe State of the Net is America’s premier Internet policy conference series. It brings together Internet stakeholders in government and in the private sector to explore the potential of a decentralized global Internet to promote communications, commerce and democracy.

Congressional App ChallengeCongressional App Challenge Coalition promotes computer coding skills and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education by recognizing and incentivizing our nation’s young programming talent. The Coalition proudly serves as the official STEM advisor to the House of Representatives’ Student App Challenge.

Internet Law & Policy FoudryThe Foundry is a collaborative environment for Internet law and policy professionals passionate about disruptive innovation. The Foundry is platform to express and to share your vision of technology along with professionals as geeky as you are. The Foundry will help you grow professionally and will offer a platform to debate, collaborate and conspire.