The Mobile Glass Ceiling: It Might Just Be Advertising

SOTN Wireless 2016 – Panel Discussion

What are the essential ingredients to the most robust mobile marketplace in the world? Spectrum, devices, and content all play a vital role. But fundamental to all of these? Advertising. No advertising – no content. No content – no audience and no devices. No devices and spectrum doesn’t even matter. And advertising, the underpinning of this entire dynamic ecosystem, is at an inflection point. The rise of a mobile-first world is pushing the industry to become more efficient, less obtrusive, and more creative than ever before, to enable better ad experiences. Hear from leading mobile media companies and enablers how they’re helping create mobile ads that people will welcome.


Pete Chelala B

Peter Chelala, Vice President of Mobile Product & Sales, Viacom, Inc. 


Alexandra Hardiman, Vice President of Product, The New York Times


Christopher Klotzbach, Director of Product Marketing, Flurry from Yahoo

ryan m

Ryan McConille, President and COO, Kargo

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