Internet Governance Expert Milton Mueller Drives Discussions at State of the Net

Today the Internet Education Foundation announced that Internet governance expert and Syracuse University professor Milton L. Mueller has been selected to serve as a Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee Fellow. Mueller is a professor at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies where his research and teaching explores the political economy of communication and information. For the past 15 years his research, teaching and public service have concentrated on problems related to global Internet governance. Mueller is an acclaimed author and is a founding academic of the Internet Governance Project.

Milton_Mueller_IANA Transition
As an Internet Caucus Advisory Committee fellow Mueller will apply his vast knowledge of Internet governance, global free expression and international multistakeholderism to facilitate several debates at the State of the Net Conference in January 2014. The State of the Net is the largest Internet policy conference in the United States and features discussions and debates on key Internet policy issues. The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee is neither a trade association nor an industry advocacy group. It blends all Internet stakeholders (academics, consumer groups, industry, think tanks) together with government stakeholders around the common cause of assuring informed Internet policymaking. The program demands only that stakeholders debate Internet policy issues seriously and in good faith while always putting the health of the Internet first and foremost.

Given our mission to broker honest and intelligent debates on critical Internet policy issues Professor Mueller is a perfect fit to help drive those discussions.

Professor Mueller will be working through the fall to organize the discussions and stakeholders for the State of the Net Conference in January. Registration is now open and an agenda will be posted shortly.

For additional inquiries, please contact Tim Lordan at [email protected].