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Selected Press Coverage SOTN 2017

January 23rd

January 23rd, 2017— C-SPAN , — “Communicators on the State of the Net”  [John Eggerton]

January 23rd, 2017— Broadcasting and Cable, — “Thune: Bipartisan Open Internet Legislation Is Key Goal”  [John Eggerton]

January 23rd, 2017—  Politco, —  “DOJ counter-terror chief sees no immediate change under Trump”  [Josh Gerstein]

January 23rd, 2017— Broadcasting and Cable , —  “FTC’s Ohlhausen: Agency Should Focus on Real Harms”  [John Eggerton]

January 23rd, 2017— Multichannel News , —  “Thune: Bipartisan Open Internet Legislation Is Key Goal”  [John Eggerton]

January 23rd, 2017— NextGov , —  “The Encryption Wars will return one way or another”  [Joseph Marks]

January 24th

January 24th, 2017— Multichannel , —  “Broadband’s Role in Infrastructure Buildout Tops ‘State of the Net’ Agenda”  [Gary Arlen]

January 24th, 2017— Yahoo Finance , —  “President Trump’s tech policy is a mystery”  [Rob Pegoraro]

January 24th, 2017— Forbes , —  “Why Is The Media Smearing New FCC Chair Ajit Pai As The Enemy Of Net Neutrality?”  [Larry Downes]

January 24th, 2017— ValueWalk , —  “Top Federal Regulator Says Trump’s ‘The Art Of The Deal’ Will Guide Policy”  [InsideSources]

January 24th, 2017— FedScoop , —  “USDS = taxpayer value, former White House deputy CTO says”  [Billy Mitchell]

January 24th, 2017— The Hill , —  “DOJ counterterrorism head doesn’t expect changes due to Trump”  [Mallory Shellbourne]

January 24th, 2017— Morning Consult , —  “Senate Commerce Panel Approves 7 Tech Bills; Thune Eyes Open Internet”

January 24th, 2017— InsideSources , —  “Congress Aims to Take Up Net Neutrality as FCC Eyes Repeal”  [Giuseppe Macri]

January 24th, 2017— Law360 , —  “House Dems Want Bipartisanship, Candor From New FCC”  [Natalie Olivo]

January 25th

January 25th, 2017— Broadcasting and Cable , —  “Ohlhausen Named Acting FTC Chair”  [John Eggerton]

January 26th

January 26th, 2017— Bloomberg BNA , —  “Trump Taps Sole GOP Commissioner Ohlhausen to Head FTC”  [Jimmy H. Koo]

January 26th, 2017— Vox , —  “A Republican bill could be our best chance to save net neutrality”  [Timothy B. Lee]

January 27th

January 27th, 2017— Morning Consult , —  “Net Neutrality Legislative Battle Likely to Focus on Consumer Protections”  [Amir Nasr]

January 27th, 2017— Info World , —  “Trump’s trade TPP move a setback for cloud computing”  [Kenneth Corbin]

January 31st

January 31st, 2017— CIO , —  “Broadband, encryption and privacy top State of the Net agenda”  [Kenneth Corbin]

February 1st

February 1st, 2017— IAPP , —  “At State of the Net, questions linger over FTC, FCC’s regulatory abilities”  [Courtney Gabrielson]

February 8th

February 8th, 2017— Recode , —  “Will the Telecommunications Act get a much-needed update as it turns 21?”  [Richard Adler]

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