Zero Rating and the App-Accessed Internet

SOTN 2016 – Panel Discussion

Zero-rating plans and offerings continue to emerge across the world as a way to provide certain Internet content and applications to citizens at free or special costs. These services often are referred to as “toll-free data.” Sometimes this zero-rated Internet content is provided at reduced rates (sometimes even free) or at attractive terms (the content does not count against a mobile data cap, for instance). Many different zero-rating services have emerged in the U.S. and around the world. Some plans provide free services and content in developing communities around the globe. Others are domestic and entertainment-based. There are many others and more certainly on the way. Our panel will look at the myriad zero rating plans and will imagine what zero rating plans are on the horizon around the world and at home. They will discuss the benefits of zero rating plans and also address criticism that some of these plans run afoul of net neutrality principles.



Marguerite Reardon, Senior Writer for  CNET (Moderator)

Roslyn Layton'

Roslyn Layton, PhD Fellow, Center for Communication, Media, and Information Technologies at Aalborg University (Copenhagen, Denmark)

kevin martin

Kevin Martin, Vice President, Mobile and Global Access Policy, Facebook

van schewick

Barbara Van Schewick, Director of Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society

jorge vargas

Jorge Vargas, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Wikimedia Foundation

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