@SOTN – NSA Crypto Wars, Episode VII: the Internet Strikes Back?

State of the Net 2014 will feature (cue the ominous Star Wars music) a provocative panel called “NSA Crypto Wars, Episode VII: the Internet Strikes Back?” featuring a panel of Internet engineers discussing technical responses to NSA surveillance revelations. Regardless of what the President says on Friday about the surveillance programs engineers are busy at work hardening the Internet’s architecture.

Revelations that intelligence agencies have been tapping into backbone Internet links and subverting standards processes and security technologies have spurred the Internet’s engineer community to harden core Internet protocols and reexamine standards setting processes. This panel will discuss: what is the state of Internet and web security and cryptography in the shadow of these revelations? What kinds of proposals are gaining traction in technical standard-setting forums like the IETF? What NIST is doing from within the US government to evaluate federal information processing standards? What does the current landscape look like from the perspective of an innovative secure communications start-up?

Speakers include:

  • Matthew Green
    Research Professor, Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute (Bio)
  • Joseph Lorenzo Hall
    Chief Technologist, Center for Democracy & Technology (Bio)
  • Andy Regenscheid
    Mathematician, NIST (Bio)
  • Sean Turner
    Owner, International Electronic Communication Analysts, Inc. (IECA) (Bio)
  • Phil Zimmermann
    Co-founder, Silent Circle (Bio)

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