The Collapse of the EU Safe Harbor: Assessing the Damage and Exploring Solutions

SOTN 2016 – Panel

In October, the European Court of Justice rocked the data privacy world with their decision to invalidate the U.S-EU Safe Harbor framework, citing concerns that U.S. government surveillance undermines privacy protections for European citizens once their data has been transferred across the Atlantic. Lawmakers have been scrambling since, trying to come up with a “Safe Harbor 2.0” that will satisfy the European Court and let companies continue repatriating data. What does the current status of Safe Harbor mean for business and transatlantic relations? Will we ever be able to reconcile these two vastly different privacy regimes?

Introductory Remarks


Ted Dean, Department of Commerce


Justin Antonipallai, Deputy General Counsel, U.S. Department of Commerce


Kelly A. DeMarchis

Kelly DeMarchis, Venable (Moderator)

Andrea Glorioso

Andrea Glorioso, Counselor, Delegation of the European Union to the U.S.

Meg Jones

Meg Leta Jones, Georgetown University

Bijan madhani

Bijan Madhani, Computer and Communications Industry Association