🎉 White House & FTC Commissioner Keynotes Announced

We’re excited to announce that Deirdre K. Mulligan and Commissioner Alvaro Bedoya will keynote the 20th Annual State of the Net Conference. Ms. Mulligan is the White House’s Principal Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer whose portfolio includes, among other things, the AI executive order. Federal Trade Commissioner Bedoya has long been at the intersection of privacy and civil rights.

State of the Net returns on Monday, February 12th. Mark your calendar and keep an eye out for more influential speakers.

Deirdre Mulligan & Alvaro Bedoya

In its 20th year, State of the Net (SOTN) is an opportunity to connect with colleagues across the spectrum of industry, government, and the public interest. With rapid innovations in areas such as AI, the public and legislators are paying attention to Internet policy perhaps more than ever before. Join the entire Internet policy community at SOTN on February 12, 2024.