$10 Discount on Uber to get to State of the Net / Program Starts at 11am

We’re looking forward to seeing you today for our adjusted program. We’re offering $10 vouchers for your Uber ride to get to State of the Net! Just use the code SOTN16EVENT and have your drive drop you off by the Newseum to use the code. With roads clearing but still snowy and the Metro running on a limited schedule, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to make it.

We’re going to be starting later (registration starts at 10 and the program starts at 11), but we still have some excellent keynotes and discussions on tap: Max Schrems and Amie Stepanovich, the Department of Justice, FTC, and the Department of Commerce, as well as experts on Internet governance, Safe Harbor and zero rating, are all still on board! We’ll follow all that with a not-to-miss party at 5pm — all are welcome. Check out the updated agenda, all of which will be livestreamed at www.stateofthenet.org/live.

See you soon!