Announcing Panel: Securing the Future of IoT

The Internet of Things — the connection of systems, devices, and services to information networks — is evolving exponentially. From vehicles to pacemakers, ordinary objects are empowered with extraordinary potential through embedded and interconnected sensors. There is enormous economic and societal benefits to be gained from the communication of vast quantities of data and the ability to remotely control and automate systems. Recent events, however, have shown the IoT ecosystem to contain serious vulnerabilities. October’s botnet attack directed thousands of insecure IoT devices to attack parts of the nervous system of the Internet’s infrastructure. Every day, more and more, we’re integrating IoT into every nook and cranny of our physical world. What are industry and policy leaders doing to address this new reality ? Do we need a national IoT plan? Do we need a global IoT plan? Please join our panel of experts at noon, January 23rd, for a discussion on the rewards and risks of IoT and a closer look at emerging best-practices being implemented today.

Panel Participants

Nanette Byrnes, Senior Editor and Writer on Business, Innovation and Disruption, MIT Technology Review (Moderator)

Dr. Ron Ross, Fellow, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Jason Livingood, Vice President, Technology Policy & Standards, Comcast

Daniel Caprio, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, The Providence Group

Dr. Nick Feamster, Professor of Computer Science and the Acting Director of the Center for Information Technology Policy, Princeton University

Steve Olshansky, Trust & Identity Program Lead, The Internet Society