Civic & Gov Tech 3.0 Under Biden Featuring Matthew Lira

Using the Internet to make government more responsive and accountable to its citizens remains a stubbornly bipartisan issue. While other aspects of Internet policy have become politicized, “civic tech” is having a decade of policy support from both sides of the aisle. From the US Digital Service, 18F, the Presidential Innovation Fellowship program, and the House Modernization Committee, making government less dysfunctional and more cost effective through technology is a bright spot for Internet policy wonks. Just recently Congress passed the IT Modernization Centers of Excellence Program Act, which President Trump signed. And there seems to be a lot of well-meaning folks eager to enlist in the Biden Administration’s civic tech corps. Join us as a bipartisan group of experts discuss why such enthusiasm exists for civic tech across the aisle and what lies in store for the Biden Administration.


Matthew Lira

Matthew Lira
Former Special Assistant to the President for Innovation Policy and Initiatives
White House Office of American Innovation

Matthew Lira

Nick Sinai
Senior Advisor
Insight Partners