Internet Governance Expert George Sadowsky Leads Discussions at State of the Net 2016

sadowsky round 2

On December 9th, the Internet Education Foundation announced that Internet governance expert George Sadowsky has been selected to serve as a fellow for State of the Net 2016. Sadowsky has worked in information technology on a global scale, helping to foster economic and social growth in over 50 countries. He spent 13 years with the United Nations and six years with the World Bank on the Technical Advisory Panel. Sadowsky was also the Executive Director of the Global Internet Policy Initiative, working to initiate technical reform in over 17 developing nations. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Harvard University and went on to receive a Masters and PhD in economics from Yale.

Sadowsky is the editor and featured contributor in the World Bank’s Information Technology Security Handbook. He was a distinguished member of the Internet Society and a part of its Board of Trustees for seven years. He is now on the Board of Directors for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The State of the Net is the largest Internet policy conference in the United States and features discussions and debates on key Internet policy issues. The Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee is neither a trade association nor an industry advocacy group. It blends all Internet stakeholders (academics, consumer groups, industry, think tanks) together with government stakeholders around the common cause of assuring informed Internet policymaking. The program demands only that stakeholders debate Internet policy issues seriously and in good faith while always putting the health of the Internet first and foremost.

“Internet governance has become increasingly important in government, the private sector, academia and civil society. People like Sadowsky are helping us to understand the future of the Internet on both a local and global scale.”

Registration is now open and an agenda will be posted shortly.

For additional inquiries, please contact Tim Lordan at [email protected].