Strategies For Encouraging Ethical Digital Citizenship: Can It Be Taught?

The topic of online behavior has seldom been more timely or more relevant. One wonders where America’s youth, who have literally grown up online, learn online social and ethics values. While there is widespread agreement over the need for robust rules of the road, the pipeline for that type of education remains elusive. How does our society guide youth to appropriate online behaviors? We’ve assembled an amazing panel of experts at State of the Net to grapple with this thorny topic on our panel “Strategies For Encouraging Ethical Digital Citizenship: Can It Be Taught?” A full description is below.

Leading the conversation will be:



Today’s youth – tomorrow’s voters, workers, and leaders – have never known a world without consistent Internet access. The creators and creatives of today need the skills to discern and critically consider sources of information online and how their usage thereof informs their behavior.

But how does this generation learn the skills and rules of the road it needs to navigate cyberspace in a safe, responsible, and informed manner: From the digital immigrants that have come before them or from the digital natives that surround them? Are current efforts in teaching enough, or do we need to create new, comprehensive approaches to digital citizenship and media literacy?

We invite you join our panel of experts at the 13th Annual State of the Net Internet Policy Conference on January 23, 2017 at our panel, “Strategies For Encouraging Ethical Digital Citizenship: Can It Be Taught?” for a closer look at this crucial issue.