Announcing State of the Net Bitcoin Regulation Policy Panel

The Bitcoin Policy Prescription: Will Policymakers Get It Right (Again) Or Will Fear Stifle Innovation?

The year 2015 is like 1995 all over again. Bitcoin is the Internet before the browser: a platform primed for an innovation explosion if we get the policy right. We got it right for the Internet, how do we do it again? What lessons can we learn? How do we strike the right regulatory balance?

This virtual currency panel will follow a morning keynote discussion with co-founder and president of Coinbase Fred Ehrsam and Congressional Internet Caucus co-chair Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

Follow the virtual currency discussion using #SOTNBitcoin and all conference news with the official 11th Annual State of the Net hashtag #SOTN15. The keynote and panel will be livestreamed and Bitcoin will be accepted for on-site event registration.


  • Jerry Brito, Executive Director, Coin Center
  • Alex Fowler, Co-Founder, Blockstream
  • Vanessa Kargenian, Supervisory Development Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Tiffany Wan, GovLab Fellow and Strategy and Operations Senior Consultant, Deloitte