As you watch the State of the Union address tonight…

Expect tech policy to be in the spotlight tonight as President Obama addresses the nation. After a tumultuous year for cybersecurity, where “net neutrality” entered the mainstream lexicon and was the butt of late night humor, and broadband speeds and access became a top priority for the Administration, the Internet has taken center stage in Washington.

The White House has already previewed their cybersecurity policy initiatives including a new cyber information sharing legislative proposal, a national mandate that companies disclose all cyber breaches to employees and customers effected within 30 days, and policies that would give greater access to law enforcement and intelligence officials to pursue and prosecute cybercriminals as NBC News outlines here. More on the President’s cyber agenda can be found in today’s Politico Morning Cybersecurity.

At State of the Net 2015, a week from President Obama’s address, Department of Homeland Security Undersecretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate Suzanne Spaulding will give a morning keynote and our afternoon panel “Cyber Security In The Homeland: Are We Masters Of Our Domain?” is sure to create lively debate on the President’s new proposals and more.

Net neutrality has become one of the most prominent and hot button tech policy issues since SOPA debate in 2012. While the President has already made his views clear on the issue and the FCC is working to distribute a new rules proposal ahead of an expected February 26 vote, don’t be surprised if the issue gets another mention tonight.

Expect a net neutrality showdown ahead of the FCC vote and Congressional legislation at State of the Net during “Ensuring An Open Internet: 2015 Promises To Be A Wild Ride.” Panelists Harold Feld, Public Knowledge, and Nilay Patel, The Verge, will clash with professors Babette Boliek, Pepperdine University, and Daniel Lyons, Boston College on the right way to preserve an Open Internet.

Online privacy initiatives, telecom issues, and a broad range of other topics may also make it into the State of the Union and are featured in the 2015 State of the Net agenda. Tweet us your take on President Obama’s tech talk with #SOTN15 and @SOTN as he lays out his Internet policy proposals for Congress and the American people tonight.