Diversity and Balance at #SOTN2018

State of the Net works assiduously to make our panels as diverse as possible. This year, 46.81% of the speakers were men and 53.19% were women. We are extremely proud of these numbers, as they illustrate our goal to build panels step by step in order to insure an appropriate balance of perspectives and gender. It is thanks to all the wonderful speakers who came together to make this happen.

Our attendees are also diverse with regard to sectors represented. Our percentage of government staff attendees (36.7%) is exceptional, and the amount of registered press is unmatched. There are also a great number of students from across the country who added another dimension to the diversity of attendees this year.

*These statistics reflect the agenda 72 business hours before the start of the conference. Two female speakers canceled their appearances one business hour before the conference due to a family emergency, and a third female speaker canceled her appearance 72 hours before the conference due to a family emergency.*