Election Hacking, Misinformation & More: State of the Net 2018 Tackled Big Controversies

At the 2018 State of the Net Conference, we talked about some of the biggest issues facing the tech industry and policymakers.

From Senator Amy Klobuchar highlighting Russia’s attempts to hack twenty-one state election systems in 2016, to our panel with FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub examining whether the Internet is disrupting democracy, to our robust discussion of regulating Internet speech, #SOTN2018 covered some of the thorniest issues in the tech policy sphere. 

Senator Klobuchar's keynote address can be found on our YouTube.
Senator Klobuchar’s keynote address can be found on our YouTube.
Watch "Is the Internet is Disrupting Democracy?" Panel on YouTube
Watch “Is the Internet is Disrupting Democracy?” Panel on YouTube

Moderator: Miranda Bogen, Upturn
Hon. Ellen Weintraub, Commissioner, FEC
Katie Harbath, Global Politics, and Government Outreach Director, Facebook
Dr. Candice Hoke, Founding Director, Cleveland-Marshall Center for Cybersecurity and Privacy Protection
Sanja Kelly, Director, Freedom on the Net

Watch the Internet Speech Panel on YouTube channel.

Moderator: Tiffany Li, Resident Fellow, Information Society Project at Yale Law School
Ambassador Karen Kornbluh, Senior Fellow for Digital Policy, Council on Foreign Relations
Mike Masnick, CEO & President, TechDirt 
Dr. Whitney Phillips, Assistant Professor of Literary Studies and Writing, Mercer University
Dr. John Samples, Vice President; Director of Center for Representative Government, CATO Institute