Leading Scholars Break Down Section 230 Legislation At SOTN

The only thing that Joe Biden and former President Trump seemed to agree on was that Section 230 needed to be “revoked, immediately.” Those were President Biden’s words in 2020 and President Trump inserted a repeal of 230 in the National Defense Authorization Act passed in December. Legislative repeal is only one option for a law that has been inflaming passions for years. There are myriad proposals to amend 230 up for grabs (there’s a list here) and others say, “Leave it alone.”

Next week, Mozilla VP of Global Policy, Trust and Security Alan Davidson will lead an export group of legal scholars at a State of the Net panel titled “Revising Section 230: What Proposals are on the Table?” The group will break down what types of legislative proposals are on the table and what implementation might look like. Don’t miss it.

230 Panel

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