Watch FCC Powerhouses: Keynotes, Panels, and Policy Discourse from State of the Net

In a whirlwind of FCC discourse at State of the Net, Commissioners Brendan Carr and Anna Gomez delivered impassioned keynotes, sparking crucial conversations on tech regulation and equitable connectivity. As the FCC regains momentum with five seated commissioners, expert panelists dissected regulatory priorities in “the FCC’s Re-Constitution: A New Beginning,” offering invaluable insights into the future of telecommunications governance. Here’s a glimpse into the dynamic discussions that shaped State of the Net. 

Commissioner Carr addressed concerns surrounding tech giants’ actions, highlighting the need for regulatory scrutiny in light of recent events, including Apple’s response to the Beeper Mini app, which briefly brought iMessage functionalities to Android users. Carr emphasized the importance of ensuring compliance with FCC regulations, particularly regarding accessibility for users with disabilities.

Commissioner Gomez passionately advocated for the preservation of the Affordable Connectivity Program, highlighting its pivotal role in bridging the digital divide. She underscored the program’s significance for vulnerable groups, including senior citizens and military families, and warned of the potential adverse consequences of its termination. Gomez’s remarks underscored the urgency of sustaining initiatives aimed at promoting digital inclusion and equitable access to broadband.

In a separate panel discussion, experts convened to explore critical regulatory challenges poised to take center stage in the telecommunications arena. Led by moderator Kelcee Griffis of Morning Brew, the panel featured Christopher Lewis of Public Knowledge, Matthew Brill of Latham & Watkins, Angie Kronenberg of INCOMPAS, and Diane Holland of Wiley Rein LLP.