We Moved Beyond Bitcoin at #SOTN2018

Cryptocurrencies are trendy now, but the State of the Net dealt with them way back in 2014 and 2015 with panels and a keynote by Coinbase’s CEO Fred Ehrsam. This year #SOTN2018 moved beyond virtual currencies and explored how the blockchain can be used as an authentication ledger for all sorts of purposes. If you missed our panel on “Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin: Authentication in a Post-Equifax World” the video is now available.

Our forward-looking panel discussed its growing use as a versatile ledger for all sorts of authenticated transactions beyond currency. Realtors are using blockchain to streamline real estate listings. Human resource companies are exploring blockchain technology to provide efficient access to employee benefits. Internet platforms are exploring blockchain to reduce advertising fraud and to keep out fake news bots and trolls. The applications are endless. 

Just yesterday we were flattered to see that the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology followed suit and held a remarkably similar hearing on “Beyond Bitcoin: Emerging Applications for Blockchain Technology.

The 2018 State of the Net conference covered the most important policy issues facing the Internet today. Congressional and administration leaders engaged with stakeholders on issues such as digital inclusion, freedom of expression, trust & tribalism, broadband fragmentation, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and much more. As always, State of the Net is your first look at the new players and the new issues that will take center stage in 2018. Whether it’s artificial intelligence or cybersecurity policies, State of the Net is the best place to debate them all. The conference has been consistently lauded for its balanced blend of perspectives and its provocative thinkers. In an increasingly polarized policy space, State of the Net is the most important stakeholder gathering that brings you together with key people with whom you disagree (respectfully). That’s the point. 

Keynote speakers have included Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Futurist Amy WebbFCC Chair Tom Wheeler, UBER Founder/CEO Travis Kalanick, Dropbox Founder/CEO Drew Houston, Comcast NBC CEO Brian L. Roberts and many others. Find out more about our past speakers here.

State of the Net attracts over 600 attendees by providing unparalleled opportunities to network and engage on key policy issues. 

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